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Explore the emotions inside a person's head as they try and help your hero navigate the challenges of life in a unique GM-less role-playing game that lets you collectively all play the same character, taking turns being their emotions who are all vying for control.

Suppose your friend Jack needs help studying for an upcoming test, but you have tests of your own and helping Jack would limit your own ability to study for them. Playing as as Fear, you might be worried that if you help Jack study for his test you won't be prepared for your own, while playing as Arrogance, you're confident you can both ace your tests and help Jack ace his. Playing as Ambition, your own person goals come before helping others, but playing as Lust you'd be remiss if you didn't remind everyone just how cute Jack is! Lust can try and convince Ambition that making friends is really a more important goal, Arrogance can try and leverage Fear's insecurities over losing Jack as a friend... but as some point an emotion  will power through and a description will be made -- and then the process will start all over with the next choice you have to make!

The Mind of Margaret is a GM-less role-playing game for three to five players. It designed to be played in a single two to four hour session, and the only supplies needed to play are a copy of the rules, some six sided dice, pencils or other writing utensils, and index cards. Unlike most role-playing games, where everyone either plays their own character or shares a group of characters, in the Mind of Margaret you will all collectively be playing a single character, exploring their life through the emotions in their head. You'll take turns playing specific emotions, individually playing these very one dimensional concepts but collectively forming a well-rounded character.

The Mind of Margaret is intended to be relatively easy to pick up and is fine for players new to GM-less role playing games while still keeping things interesting for even the most experience story-gamer. It is setting agnostic, and the tone can range from light and goofy to more contemplative and serious depending on the nature of your group. It works well with fantastical settings, but is just as fine if not better in more mundane environments where the choices  characters face more closely mirror our own.

  • Players: 3 to 5
  • Time: 2 to 4 hours
  • Materials Needed: Copy of the Ruleset, Dice, Index Cards, Writing Utensils 

Game is free! If you played this game and like it go pay it forward by spending the money you would've paid for this on supporting another TTRPG designer!

If you are interested in the French version, Matthieu_be has put together a French translation which you can find here:  https://matthieu-be.itch.io/dans-la-tete-de-margaret

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